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Powerful cleaning service management software

CleanMaint helps teams better manage the more aggressive requirements for sanitization and safety of facilities.

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Manage schedules & resources

Fully automate workflows to maximize workforce efficiency.

Control your inventory

Minimize costs by matching your supply
and PPE orders with upcoming work.

Track & report history

Automatically record work performed and materials used. Generate customizable reports.

CleanMaint adapts to your business needs

Our robust online capabilities address your requirements for safety, efficiency, and compliance.

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Powerful, game-changing software for in-house cleaning and sanitization operations

Visually monitor facilities

Map work orders to physical zones to track deep-cleaning.

Create jobs and schedules

Develop sanitization schedules, review operations.

Expedite service requests

Submit service requests a variety of ways.

Real-time dashboards

Build custom dashboard views and reports.

Maintain inventory

Manage and track supplies, vendors, and purchase orders.

Manage contacts

Stay in touch with your team via the mobile app.

CleanMaint delivers world-class customer support

CleanMaint, powered by eMaint, is backed by customer support professionals ready to help you before, during, and after implementation. Our dedicated Customer Success Managers work one-on-one with customers to ensure your success.

CleanMaint partner: Irisys

Ensure washroom occupancy compliance with SafeCount from Irisys
Washroom occupancy monitoring and protection

  • Automatically calculate and control occupancy
  • Enable social distancing and safe traffic limits
  • Boost employee and customer confidence

Washrooms are one of the highest trafficked areas of a building. A SafeCount occupancy monitoring solution accurately counts people as they enter and exit to keep occupancy down to safe levels while ensuring occupant privacy.  Electronic display signage outside the washroom warns people in real time whether it is safe to enter.

SafeCount can handle washrooms with multiple entrances and exits.

SafeCount data can be fed into eMaint to trigger issuing cleaning and sanitization service orders.

Contact Irisys to schedule a demo of SafeCount for your facility today!

irisys - cleanmaint
SafeCount with Emaint

Ready to upgrade the way you sanitize your facilities?