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Product Overview

CleanMaint software helps you improve your defense against the spread of infections. It upgrades your operations and processes for scheduling cleanings, saving time in work preparation and execution. Complete your sanitization jobs more quickly and efficiently, and document them in a secure, cloud-based software system. Meet all compliance requirements without any use of paper.

Service Request Creation

Put an end to phone calls, Post-It notes, and missing paperwork with the robust Service Request function from CleanMaint. A configurable interface makes it easy to work the way you want by customizing form layouts, fields, and workflow actions.

Create new service requests easily.

View status of open requests.

Cleaning Supplies Inventory Management

Tighten the control of your supplies inventory and coordinate it with your service needs. CleanMaint software provides your procurement department with accurate buying information and ensures your team will always have the right products available, whatever the work at hand.

Keep tighter controls over cleaning supplies and PPE inventory.

Access detailed information on every inventory item to ensure accuracy.

Dashboards and Reports

CleanMaint automatically records work underway, projects completed, and materials used — and creates reports for distribution at the touch of a button. With CleanMaint, you can verify that proper cleaning and sanitizing operations were performed and output them as text, PDFs, charts, or graphs.

Visualize your operations through informative dashboards.

cleanmaint dashboard

Build custom dashboards and use them for creating informative reports on historical cleaning operations.

operations dashboard

Visually Monitor a Plant

CleanMaint’s Interactive Plans tool empowers you to visualize your cleaning and sanitization operations data on a floor plan, schematic, site map, or any other image. Simply upload your image, and place pins that point to your facility location, service request, or inventory records.

Use the Interactive Planning module to view the entire plant and status of cleaning service requests

Click on live status pins to get more detailed information about the facility location and cleaning status.


The world of cleaning and sanitization has changed. Custodians must now work better and faster, utilizing mobile devices in the field. With CleanMaint’s mobile capabilities, you can access information in real time and perform functions throughout your facility more efficiently. These include service requests, urgent cleanup orders, PPE and cleaning supply inventory, and more.

Easy to navigate menu from a smartphone interface

Full access to job information allows the effective execution of a job in the field using a mobile device.

Simple User Interaction

A computer-based system won’t be used if it is too complicated. CleanMaint is built on the same platform as eMaint CMMS software, known industry-wide as the most usable and configurable maintenance management system.

Easy drop-down menu structure and sidebar tool panel make usability an essential benefit of the CleanMaint system.

CleanMaint is offered in three optional price tiers.
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