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CleanMaint FAQs

Q: What is CleanMaint?
A: CleanMaint is a new online cleaning-service management software solution from the makers of eMaint CMMS software that automates your sanitization scheduling and resource planning. It replaces your legacy, paper-based system with a simple, easy-to-use, cloud-based application.

  • Leverage robust, scalable features in a configurable user interface.
  • Quickly tailor cleanings to your available resources.
  • View and monitor facility cleanings with sophisticated interactive mapping.
  • Maintain tight control of your inventory of PPE and supplies.

With CleanMaint, your company or department is better equipped to provide safer, cleaner facilities and achieve compliance with increased safety mandates.

Q: Do you have a free trial that I can test out?
A: Yes, a limited-time trial account can be set up for you to experience CleanMaint software in action at your facility. Contact us to learn how.

Q: Do I need to install something on my computer or phone to use CleanMaint?
A: CleanMaint is a cloud-based SaaS product with nothing to install. Users can log in from any device that supports a web browser, including desktop and laptop PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.

Q: What support is included in my CleanMaint subscription?
A: Your CleanMaint subscription includes free technical support. All CleanMaint customers are assigned to the Customer Success Manager team to ensure your success with the system, as well as access to our helpdesk support team.

Q: Are features considered ”add-on” purchases, or is everything included in my subscription?
A: CleanMaint software is sold at three affordable, feature-filled subscription levels to fit your requirements. There are no add-ons or extras you must buy.

Q: Does CleanMaint integrate with our accounting system?
A: CleanMaint data can be accessed via APIs at the Enterprise subscription level, integrating with many external systems. Specific integrations can be accommodated through available consulting services.

Q: What does it mean that CleanMaint is “powered” by eMaint?
A: CleanMaint is built on the same system as eMaint—industry-leading computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software. All the work order management, scheduling, inventory, reporting, and other capabilities that have vaulted eMaint to the top in the maintenance industry are now available for the cleaning and sanitization industry.

Q: Can I add users in the middle of my contract?
A: CleanMaint offers flexibility within its subscription model. Your team administrators can easily add or upgrade any number of users at any time during your contract term to best fit your requirements.

Q: What is your cancellation policy — can I cancel at any time?
A: At the time of contract renewal, you have the option to cancel if you find that CleanMaint is not meeting your cleaning and sanitization requirements.

Click here to download a .pdf of the Frequently Asked Questions

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