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Digitizing custodial management so you can focus on cleanliness and sanitization

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cleanmaint cleaning and disinfecting schools

cleanmaint cleaning and disinfecting schoolsCustodial professionals are quickly becoming experts on providing clear, efficient processes and seamless communications in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The cleaning industry is on the front lines for keeping spaces clean and sanitized to help reduce the spread of the virus.

The public’s view of custodial services has changed almost overnight because of COVID-19. How has your organization changed how you handle the increased tasks evolving out of the heightened need to deploy, track, and manage sanitization needs?

What the cleaning industry needs today

Supply chains have been significantly impacted by the pandemic, making inventory planning and management even more critical.

How do you manage your inventory today?

With public health at such a more significant risk today, you should be closely monitoring supply consumption and reordering, keeping track of scheduled cleanings, and communicating seamlessly with your team. You should also capture data that can be leveraged to enhance and improve processes already deployed and reporting results to both internal stakeholders and external regulatory agencies.

Are you able to do all these things from one centralized tool? If not, there is a better solution designed for today’s cleaning industry today that you should know about.

It’s called CleanMaint. This new online cleaning-service management solution, from the makers of eMaint, automates your sanitization scheduling and resource planning. It replaces your legacy paper-based system with a simple, easy to use cloud-based application.

Technology for custodial management

The tasks described above are just part of a day in the life of many frontline custodial warriors. Doing all this work without technology risks having crucial things go overlooked. Without automated documentation, reporting and compliance are more challenging and time-consuming. As states put COVID-19 related regulations into place, you may have new compliance requirements to consider.

If you are still using paper and pencil to manage your custodial efforts, your team does not have the tools they need to handle everything being asked of today’s custodial professionals. The new reality calls for maximizing assurance balanced with managed capacities. It requires additional planning, documentation, and communication.

Now is the time to join the digital revolution and better support your custodial team members as they stand alongside healthcare workers, epidemiologists, caregivers, and others to control how viruses and germs spread through indoor facilities. Streamlining digitized quality control management processes means meeting capacity assurance for your facility, so you can focus on consistently delivered cleanliness and sanitization.

CleanMaint, built by award-winning eMaint, is the premier SaaS custodial management software. It digitizes work processes, enabling the efficient allocation of resources and improving time management, communication, purchasing, inventory management, and scheduled task management to ensure capacity. All told, it helps you lessen the risks that this pandemic brings.